Baby Pares Counter

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

What's the difference?

What's the difference between me and these stuffed animals? Well the real answer is that they await patiently in Baby Jessica's room for her arrival. You don't see them squirming anxiously counting the minutes trying to figure out if their contractions are close together or not! You don't see them running around with sore hips and cramps saying "She needs to come already!"

Yes I am anxiously awaiting the arrival of Baby Jessica. In the last few days I have been experiencing very odd pains, irregular contractions, dizziness, nausea, crazy baby movement, and no sleep. My record is 3 hours of sleep at night.

These animals are patient and so very special. One of them belonged to Michael when he was a baby. Another is a rabbit that Michael and I have had since we were engaged (it has recorded voices in him/her). Ok ok I won't drag it out but they all have some pretty good meaning which means Dugga can't go in that room anymore because he absolutely loses it when he sees stuffed animals all together.

We'll see where I am at tomorrow when I see my doctor! Oh! Here goes another contraction... adios.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Bows and headbands and beanies... oh my!

I couldn't wait to share. This DEFINITELY brightened up my rainy bedresting day! Look at this collection. Lord knows I wanted a boy but I think the bows just did it...

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

33 weeks and bows! May baby or June baby?

Not much is happening. I am still on bedrest. Symptoms are the same. Nothing dramatic.

My awesome coworkers sent me these beautiful flowers today. The next photo is a nice reminder that I can't see my poor feet. The next one is my 1st shot at going bare belly. I thought I'd try at least one even though I am not a fan of them!

How am I feeling?
  • Can't sleep at night even with multiple pillows so I am constantly tired
  • Can't sleep in a bed so I mostly sleep on a recliner or on the floor
  • Decreased movement from the baby but I still feel her at least 1-2 times a day (less kicking)
  • She hiccups in my crotch and I can't stand it
  • Horrible pelvic pains that make it nearly impossible to walk, turn, or stand up. I prefer baths but it takes a lot out of me to get in and out of the tub :(
  • Contractions galore! These come and I normally would prefer not to talk to anybody
  • Swelling feet on and off... my rings still fit though!
  • Weight gain has stalled for a bit out thank goodness

So when I asked the doc if I was going to make it to 40 weeks (which would be June 19th), she said a flat out "no". She then said "I don't want to jinx it, but I think we can make it full term". Full term for me would be May 29th. So I wonder if Baby J (as my coworkers call her) will be a May baby or June baby? I am certainly excited to have her come here but with my bedrest there isn't much I can finish up around the house like I would like to. My cervix is still shortening and funneling which is why she doesn't think I'll make it that far. Doc is hoping we can keep her cooking for as long as possible.

Total Weight Gain to date: 17 lbs :(
Whatever happened to that nice 4-5 lbs I had going?

Bows! I splurged buying $70 worth of bows, headbands, and beanies for Baby Jessica and they get here tomorrow. I'm excited to see them! If my little girl comes out looking like a little man, we're going to have to dress her head for a bit. I got them from an online site called Halo Heaven.